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Las Vegas is at the forefront of some of the most exciting and refreshing trends in hair today. Diversity Hair Studio is the first place to turn for artistic interpretations of popular fashions in hair color. In the past, we’ve seen one trend at a time sweep across the country. Every other girl had some version of the same cut and color! Now the trends are much more diverse and dynamic. Diversity has a staff that is on the cutting edge of all the newest styles and techniques in hair coloring. From Ombre styles to shocking colors, we’ll keep your style current and gorgeous.

A Wealth Of Options For Your Color

Making a big change to your look can be quite a commitment, but don’t let that stop you from making the dramatic statement you want to make! Of course some styles require the use of permanent hair color, but there are many bold, fresh looks that can be done with semi-permanent coloring as well. And sometimes, a big change just isn’t what you’re looking for. A color gloss treatment from Diversity Hair Studio in Las Vegas can add the shine and body that take your cut from good to gorgeous.

Health And Beauty Go Hand In Hand

A healthy head of hair is a beautiful head of hair, but damage happens to the best of us. A cellophane treatment or color correction can bring back the vibrant, shiny, healthy-looking hair that you were meant to have. Most importantly, when you come to Diversity we will ensure that any color treatment you choose, even permanent color, is designed to protect the health of your hair from start to finish. After all, the easiest way to deal with damage is never to let it happen in the first place.

Highlights For Any Look

Highlights are one of the top trends in hair coloring in Las Vegas, and they are also one of the most adaptable methods for changing your look. From big, bright, and bold, to subtle and understated, highlights can add dimension and movement to any look. Full highlights can brighten up your whole tone, or partial highlights can give just a bit of light around the face. Frosting, despite its retro reputation, has been transformed into a modern technique that plays light beautifully across the hair. We design highlights for you specifically so that they suit your face, your hair, and your style.

All Hair Types Deserve Their Time to Shine

Diversity Hair Studio, like the name suggests, specializes in every hair type. We believe that great color can invigorate any hair type, and compliment every hair texture. Depending on your hair’s texture, condition, and curl pattern, coloring it may require special techniques to keep it strong and healthy. Processed hair, especially, needs special care to protect it while it’s dyed. We know that, and employ the most high-tech and cutting edge methods to color every type of hair because we know that beautiful color is for everyone.

Combine Style Maintenance With Pampering

Getting your hair dyed, even if it’s just a touch up, should never feel like a chore! Out of all of your options for hair coloring in Las Vegas, Diversity offers the most lush, pampering experience. Our amazing stylists will massage your scalp, baby your hair, and treat you like royalty while giving you the best color of your life. There’s nowhere in the city that combines high-quality styling with the atmosphere of an opulent day spa. We don’t just take care of your hair, we take care of you.

If you are ready for a great hair day, call Sherri at (702) 218-5989 or Charnae at (702) 581-2496 and schedule your appointment with Diversity Hair Studio today.

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