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On every red carpet, on the cover of every magazine, and in every hot club you will see gorgeous (and sometimes not so gorgeous!) extensions. Extensions have gone mainstream, and because of that demand for them has gone through the roof. At Diversity Hair Studio in Las Vegas, we have stayed on top of this trend so we can give you the absolute latest styles in extensions, weaves, and wigs. Whether you want a natural look with lace closures that will go undetected or a big, bold style that makes a powerful statement, our stylists are the best choice for hair extensions in Las Vegas.

Weaves Need An Expert Touch

If a weave isn’t properly done, it shows. Nothing is more obvious than a bad weave, and we all know what a mess that looks like. Our expert stylists will help you choose from sew in, glue in, and clip in options so that your hair stays looking fresh, neat, and gorgeous. The application of your extensions at Diversity Hair Studio will also be absolutely professional and pampering. We make every appointment a joy because we know that the salon is a place you go to relax and be treated like royalty. Whether you choose a full weave or half weave, we will spend as much time as it takes to make sure you walk out of our doors looking perfect.

Materials Matter In Hair Care

Extensions come in a huge variety of materials, and depending on your needs any of them might be right for you. Our inventory of real, human hair extensions will give you all the options you need to achieve the look you want for your hair. We stock virgin hair extensions that take dye perfectly, so not only can you get the length and texture that you want, you can get a custom color that matches the picture you have in your mind perfectly. We never use cheap-looking extensions that lose their shine in a few days. Our choices all wear beautifully for the whole life of the hair, making them a great investment as well as being gorgeous.

Caring For Your Natural Hair With Extensions Is Important

While the extensions might be all anybody sees, at Diversity we understand how much it matters to keep your hair underneath healthy and strong. When weaves and extensions are applied incorrectly or maintained poorly they can damage the hair underneath, weakening it and causing breakage. If they are done properly though, extensions and weaves can act as a protective style that keeps your natural hair strong and healthy. Our stylists will help you choose a style that not only looks incredible, but protects your hair from breaking, frizzing, and falling out. We want you to look gorgeous now and forever!

Wigs Require Extra Care and Styling

Wigs have also exploded in popularity in the last few years. They are being made with better materials, better construction, and more natural looking techniques. Even the highest quality wig needs to be styled and maintained. Our amazing stylists will transform your wig from just so-so to show stopping and help you keep it there. When wigs are cared for correctly, they last longer, look better, and are more comfortable to wear. Wigs are an investment and we will protect yours by keeping it looking better than brand new.

Keep Your Extensions Looking Fresh

As extensions grow out, they can start to look bedraggled and messy. Just the day-to-day wear and tear of sleeping in them, styling them, and just being out in the elements can take a toll on their appearance. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping them looking their best, but many customers avoid coming back in for their touch-up appointments. At Diversity, we make those touch-ups a joy to come to. We’ll assess the health of your scalp, use the best quality products and treatments, and keep your extensions looking and feeling great.

If you are ready for a great hair day, call Sherri at (702) 218-5989 or Charnae at (702) 581-2496 and schedule your appointment with Diversity Hair Studio today.

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