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The best hair styling in Las Vegas is easily found at Diversity Hair Studio, featuring classic, modern and retro hair styles. The Diversity Hair Studio in Las Vegas also offers shampoos, conditioning, blow drying, curling, braiding and Up-Do’s. The quality of each service is what sets Diversity apart from its neighbors and competitors. Choosing this Studio means relaxing in luxury while being served in a classy manner with the best hair styling in Las Vegas.

Shampoo And Conditioning Mean Healthy Hair

Diversity Hair Studio uses only the finest quality products to shampoo and condition hair of all types, including ethnic hair. Our Las Vegas hair styling service means you get a scalp massage, thorough washing, and deep conditioning in under 15 minutes. A quick visit to the Studio can make all the difference in reducing frizz, enhancing shine and improving the healthy look of your hair. Simply put, it’s the most important step in hair care and should be done on a regular basis. Become a regular with Diversity and we’ll even throw in the “sink therapy” for free!

Sculpt And Style With A Professional Blow Dry

Blow Drying is more than just hot air on your hair, it is an art form practiced through the best hair styling in Las Vegas at Diversity Hair Studio. Go from drab to fab with this service without the hassle of cutting your hair. You don’t even have to shampoo and condition, though it is recommended to get a style that lasts longer. Blow drying creates a fuller appearance to your hair, or can flatten untamed curls that you may not want. Get a blow dry for your next occasion and we’ll even use complimentary salon-grade products to keep it fresh looking while keeping its shape.

Curling Is A Hot Ticket To The Best Looking Hair

It used to be that straightening hair was all the rave, but now curls are back in and hotter than ever. Curling takes heat and applies it for a natural look that flows nicely with your existing haircut. You can combine it with our other hair styling services for a complete hair-do that lasts longer than doing it yourself. Our expert hair stylists at Diversity Hair Studio in Las Vegas don’t settle for just the curly look, they apply their creative talent to create the most beautiful hair style you’ve ever had. More importantly, by allowing us to use complimentary hair styling products, your Do will last well into tomorrow.

Braiding Is Best Done By The Professionals

Ever seen a bad braiding job? It usually frizzes out at the bottom, leaves strands unfettered, and breaks down before you are ready for the next look. At Diversity Hair Studio in Las Vegas, you’ll find our hair stylists are not only the best, but the most experienced at creating braids of all types that last longer and look better. Braiding is also an art form and reflects the creative style of the best Las Vegas hair styling. While Diversity Hair Studio caters to all requests for braid types, you can also expect recommendations for the hair style that will bring out the best features in your face. You won’t need to worry if you are getting the best braid for your dollar here, because our stylists come with experience and know-how.

Up-Do’s Are Reaching New Heights

Special occasions call for special attention to a woman’s most beautiful asset – her hair! Diversity Hair Studio may be biased on that subject, but one sitting with our stylists and you’ll agree that Up-Do’s really sweep away the imperfections in any haircut. By allowing our hair stylists to craft the perfect sweep and tuck of your hair, it’ll be clear that Diversity offers the best hair styling in Las Vegas. More importantly, we’ll use only the finest in hair care products to give your hair that natural glow. Combine it with our other services for a full package that is sure to wow the crowd.

If you are ready for a great hair day, call Sherri at (702) 218-5989 or Charnae at (702) 581-2496 and schedule your appointment with Diversity Hair Studio today.

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