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Let’s dispel a myth right away! Perms, relaxers, and other chemical treatments have gotten a bad rap, but that’s only because in the hands of an inexperienced stylist, they can go very wrong. At Diversity Hair Studio in Las Vegas, our stylists are trained to perform hair treatments in a way that minimizes damage and maximizes beauty. We use the highest quality products to protect and enhance your hair so your hair treatment can actually leave your hair more radiant and resilient than it was before. We can preserve your hair’s natural beauty and structure while giving you the texture you want.

Modern Hair Treatments Are Changing the Game

The formulas our parents used for straightening, curling, and relaxing hair are a thing of the past. The new formulas are much more gentle and healthy for the hair, giving you the gorgeous looks you want with a fraction of the damage. Permanents in particular have a reputation for being a bit uncontrollable. We’ve all heard the horror stories about permed hair being damaged or the curl pattern taking on a life of its own. At Diversity Hair Studio our team is trained on the most modern processes and techniques so we can keep your look totally up-to-the-minute and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Natural Hair Needs Love Too!

Even if you are going the natural route, Diversity has the most in-depth menu of hair treatments in Las Vegas and one of them could be perfect for you. Deep conditioning treatments strengthen the hair and add shine and beauty, making your natural texture come through at its best. Natural hair requires protection and some babying. Let us spoil you with a growth-stimulating scalp massage and nourish your hair to smooth the cuticle. If you are just making the transition to natural hair, our experienced and expert stylists can guide you through the process and make the transition a smooth one. We can also recommend great products that you can use at home to continue to treat your natural hair with tender love and care and make it look its best the whole time.

Take The Sting Out Of Relaxers

Let’s make your next relaxing appointment a relaxing appointment! Of any Las Vegas hair treatment option, Diversity is the best at making you feel comfortable and pampered while you receive your hair treatment. Our customers tell us that this truly sets us apart from any other salon. The process of relaxing can take a while, so we make sure that you can relax during it. We’ll soothe your scalp before, during, and after your process so that what used to be a pain is now a pleasure.

Everyone’s Hair Is Unique

At Diversity, we know that your hair is as individual as you are. What works for one hair texture may not work for another, so we train our staff to be able to handle every hair type with every hair treatment process. This is essential to prevent damage, but also to make sure that the look you want is the look you get! In our consultation process we will look at your hair and work with you to find the perfect process for you.

Texture Should Work With You, Not Against You

When you’re looking to achieve a certain style, your hair texture has to work with it. Smoothing or texturizing treatments can change the way your hair reacts to styling, giving you the perfect do every time. If you’ve struggled with styling your hair at home, it could just be because you are fighting your hair’s texture rather than working with it. Our hair treatments can solve that problem by giving you the hair texture your style needs to shine.

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